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I'm an Aussie Sheila stuck in england until I finish school.
Seventeen born in the 10th month and on the 5th day :). I'm an aspiring performing. (Dance, Acting & Modelling). And i make it drizzle. :)
You'll see a lot of ships and tv shows on this blog (can you believe this used to be strictly Castle).

was delphineniehaus1 for the clonepocalypse and #69369 for the Tatianapocalypse
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Not happy just signed up for a website and I thought it was free and it wasn’t and now Ive wasten 10 pounds.

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Except my teacher replies to quickly. I don’t like it. I hate reading the reply.

My sexuality is just as straight as my hair.


My first attempt at glitch art! There are many ways to create glitch art and one of them is to alter the coding of the file creating errors on purpose which is the method I used here. No Photoshop whatsoever involved, just codes. Pretty much like genetically modifying DNA, except this is picture DNA. If you were to open these images in a hex code editor, the clones respective names and "This organism and derivative genetic material is restricted intellectual property" can be found somewhere in the code as seen in the screenshot, because I put them there :d.  

I wish I could’ve went even further with the glitching but there’s a risk of damaging/breaking the files if you go too far, much like with *cough*realhumans*cough*. 

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I don’t know why but about issues that make me nervous id such rather send an email rather than talk to them in person.

That 70’s show: My Top Moments

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Caskett ~ That 70’s Show

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Happy Birthday to the very beautiful Rebecca Mader (April 24, 1977)

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Evelyne Brochu for Eve Gravel by Maude Arsenault (2012)

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Ok. Has it occurred to anyone else that they could kill Delphine? I mean, there’s nothing keeping her safe. Not really. We’re all concerned about what’s going to happen when Cosima finds out she’s been lying, but Delphine’s also lying to DYAD. Ever since that moment when she…

I’m such a failure I really am.